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Glow Like Gold: Unveiling the Ageless Beauty of Vitamin C Infused with 24K Gold!

Professional Vitamin C with 24K Gold

    • Potent Antioxidant: Effectively combats free radicals that cause skin aging.

    • Protects Skin: Shields your skin from oxidative damages such as pollution and UV rays.

    • Rejuvenates Skin: Enhances the appearance of aged and fragile skin, making it look younger and more vibrant.

    • Brightening Effect: Illuminates the skin for a more even and bright complexion.

    • Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply hydrates the skin and helps retain moisture, keeping your skin plump and refreshed.

    • Purest Form of Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid): Our Vitamin C powder is in its purest form, ensuring the highest quality and effectiveness.

    • High Concentration of Vitamin C (10%, pH 3): Optimally formulated to maximize the skin-rejuvenating effects of Vitamin C.

    • 24K Gold Powder: Imparts a luminous glow to the skin and enhances the efficacy of other active ingredients.

    Our patented packaging design ensures that the Vitamin C remains stable and highly effective by preventing oxidation.

    • No Parabens

    • No Fragrances

    • No Alcohol

    Indulge your skin in the ultimate luxury and effectiveness with our Vitamin C + 24K GOLD Booster Serum. Experience rejuvenated, radiant, and youthful-looking skin.

    Ideal for:

    • Individuals seeking a luxurious and effective anti-aging solution.

    • Those looking to revitalise dull and tired skin.

    • Anyone aiming to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and achieve a radiant complexion.

    1. To rupture the capsule within the syringe, simply exert pressure on the syringe.

    2. Once the solution has infiltrated the vitamin capsule, pump or shake it to ensure thorough mixing.

    3. Remove the cap at the tip of the syringe, and depress the plunger to dispense the vitamin solution. If the solution doesn't flow smoothly, attempt again by retracting the syringe.

    4. Store any remaining solution in a refrigerator with the cap securely in place. Please make use of the mixed solution within 48 hours for optimal freshness.

    5. For enhanced effectiveness, consider using it in conjunction with JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Face) or JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Body).

    1. Higher concentrations: Professional-grade vitamin C serums often contain higher concentrations of vitamin C compared to over-the-counter products.

    2. Potential for visible results: Due to higher concentrations and optimized formulations, Professional-grade vitamin C serums may offer more noticeable and faster results compared to some regular vitamin C products.

  • Q: I observe facial redness following JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Face)

    A: Redness is a frequent occurrence, but it doesn't necessarily indicate skin irritation. Instead, this redness is a result of the Bohr effect, where an elevated level of carbon dioxide leads to an increase in the partial pressure of oxygen and enhanced blood circulation. You'll notice more pronounced redness in areas with less efficient fluid circulation, similar to how your face becomes flushed following a strenuous aerobic exercise session.

    Q: Does it result in a skin exfoliation effect?

    A: While there is no deliberate peeling effect, the generation of oxygen bubbles from the CO2 can assist in skin rejuvenation and the elimination of dead skin cells, resulting in a smoother appearance for your skin.

    Q: Is it safe to apply any kind of cleansing products prior to undergoing JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Face)?

    A: Given that CO2 is a form of carbonic acid, it's advisable to steer clear of potent acidic substances like products containing Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid, as they could potentially react with the CO2 gel and cause skin irritation. Additionally, it's best to avoid cleansing or exfoliating products that contain AHA or BHA in order to prevent any adverse reactions.

    Q: How should I handle the leftover gel on my face?

    A: Avoid tapping or allowing the remaining gel to be absorbed into the skin. Instead, thoroughly remove it using a warm, damp towel or sponges.

    Q: Is it considered safe to use during pregnancy?

    A: For eight decades, CO2 Carboxy Therapy has been employed without any documented side effects. This non-invasive procedure, which doesn't require needles, exerts minimal stress on the skin, making it a suitable option even during pregnancy.

    Q: What is the recommended frequency per week for achieving optimal results?

    A: It is recommended to undergo the procedure once a week as part of a 5-week program. However, due to the product's brief and minimal downtime, it is still suitable to consider twice-weekly sessions if desired.

    Q: Is it suitable to perform the treatment on dry skin with conditions like eczema or atopic dermatitis?

    A: For mild cases, it's advisable to use a moisturizing cream to ensure the skin is adequately hydrated before undergoing JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Face). However, it's important to note that JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Face) is not recommended for severe cases.

    Q: What is the recovery period following the procedure?

    A: JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Face) is a non-invasive, needle-free procedure with minimal downtime, allowing you to carry on with your regular daily activities without disruption.

    Q: How many sessions are needed to notice an enhancement in cellulite and stretch marks?

    A: Consistent treatment, performed every 2 to 3 times a week over a span of 2 to 3 months, will yield favorable results. If you engage in self-treatment, you can anticipate seeing positive outcomes after 2 to 3 weeks when administered daily.

    Q: I have a thyroid condition; will there be any adverse effects?

    A: JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Face) does not affect thyroid hormones, so it is safe to undergo the treatment.

    Q: Is it safe to use when I have dermatitis?

    A: If you have dermatitis, it is advisable to undergo therapy once you have fully recovered.

    Q: Is it considered safe to use when I have diabetes?

    A: Certainly, individuals with diabetes can undergo the therapy. JofielGlo — Non-invasive carboxytherapy (Face) is a non-invasive treatment and is not associated with medical conditions such as diabetes.


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